World Cup






       Can you predict the successful teams at the                                

World Cup 2010 in South Africa?

Predict the Score of the 48 Group matches, scoring 2pts for correct result or 5pts for correct score(90 mins),then choose the teams that you think will go through from each of the groups and then predict the winners of every match all the way to the final. Every team that you successfully choose to go past the group stage wins you points. The further into the competition they go, the more points you earn.  The person who gains the most points from the most accurate set of predictions will win.  Entry Fee just £2. In the event of a draw, the winner will be decided by the tie-break question.


Study the groups A – H and choose who you think will come first and second in each group. Enter these teams into each of the spaces on the form . For each match you have created, predict who you think will win and put their name forward into the adjacent space in the quarter finals. Do the same for these quarter final matches and also for the semi finals and then the final. Write the name of the team you think will win the final in the winner’s box on the form and then fill in the tie-break question. “How many goals do you think will be scored altogether in all the World Cup matches?” (64 games in total, but do not include any penalty shoot-out goals, only penalties scored within 90/120mins).The tie-break will be used in the event of a draw. Whoever is closest (high or low). If there is still a tie. Prize will be shared. Closing date is 11th June at 3pm, but would prefer sheets in earlier as there is a lot to input on computer and website.(


Competition Point Scoring System

Every team you choose correctly as the top two in the groups earns 5 points. Quarter Final predictions earn 10 points, Semi Final predictions earn 15 points, and Final predictions earn 20 points. Correct prediction of the final winner earns a further 25 points. No points are awarded for the 3rd place play off. But goals will count towards the tie-break.




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