The competition will continue with a smaller kitty sadly but not sure how the pubs will continue with the football as the lockdown begins again on Thursday. Sheets are on the site and people are welcome to drop sheets through my door with £1 and a contact number in case you win and I will get money to you somehow. Hopefully back to some normality for the Xmas one. Stay Safe. 


Winner Lou(Barn)29£83.00
Smoggy(Barn)24Kevin(Barn)18Shylla15Max S(Wick)11
Matthew Moreby22Shirley Locke17Nad(Barn)15John Murphy(Barn)11
Greeny22Terry Reardon17Bob L14Chris Locke10
Soap Box(Rising)22Piotr17John C(Rising)14Brian Chandler10
Pat Mac(Wick)22Sue Wilson17Tina(Rising)14KS110
Rich D(Wick)22DAM(Rising)17Dan B(Barn)14Noddy10
Eric(Barn)22Tony G(Rising)17Sam Wilson13Laura Jane10
Jamie(Barn)22Mick Post(Rising)17Lord Geoffrey13Dave Rawkins10
Andy B(Barn)22R.McGiveney(Wick)17Cameron13Mrs Fox(Wick)10
Trevor(Barn)22S.Barrett(Wick)17R+S2(Rising)13Lucky J9
Sean (Rising)21S.Barrett 2(Wick)17Rory(Barn)13P.Eaton(Rising)9
Mason20Huggy(Barn)17Blair(Barn)13Mason 28
Martin Wilson 20Leroy(Barn)17Cocker(Barn)13Roger Fellows8
Predictz(Rising)20Smiffy 216Scott (Barn)13Bingo8
Darren Kelly(Wick)20Smiffy 316Bonnie(Barn)13M.Coffey(Wick)8
Chloe(Barn)20Ron (Rising)16Sarah Wilson12Tony Tull(Barn)8
Pete Wilson19Sean 2(Rising)16Bear12Wayne Morris 26
Smiffy18Archie(Wick)16PH(Rising)12Les Bailey4
Kimmie18The Fox(Wick)16M.McVea(Rising)12R+S(Rising)4
Wayne Morris18Barry O15Richard(Barn)12
Dave Bond(Rising)18McVicar15Pete Wilson 211
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